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Okay. After an overwhelming response of "We don't have time! And we suck at OCs! ...but...", I've gone ahead and created Tenth Wonders.

Have at.
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This is a post soliciting opinions and interest in a potential Original Characters Heroes-verse LiveJoural roleplaying game.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but the following characteristics are how I am currently picturing it:

*Set in the Five Years Gone AUverse, but not yet five years down the road; more or less the present day, given that the current present is six months after the Heroes finale. (Which would have, of course, gone differently in this continuity.)

This means: the public is slowly becoming aware/believing in powered individuals, and by and large fears them. Major dystopian elements (detainment camps, final solutions) haven't come into play yet, but the Dept of Homeland Security (or similar) has begun hunting powered individuals all over the US. NYC has blown up.

*No canon character or relatives of canon characters; mod screening of potential powers would take into account which powers have been pretty thoroughly explored by the show, although show powers wouldn't be universally banned. Almost certainly no empaths.

The world is big, after all. Heroic characters, nasty characters, characters working for the government, all powered or not, are all possibilities, though.

*Relatively low time commitment / slow-moving storylines. This is all I am capable of right now, and I think that applies, at least, to all everyone one-step removed from me who might be interested.

I also envision the game as being a lot like the show, in the storyline progression--lots of NPCs and ficlet style posts in addition to threads, and little pods of character interaction that splinter and change and reform; just like the cast of Heroes doesn't all get in one place on one side until the finale, hopefully we wouldn't be superteaming for quite some time. Moderation in information flow would be important--which the FYG setting creates pressure for anyway.

*On a similar note, more character exploration, rather than big pyrotechnic battles. Again, keeping to the themes of the show.

So. I'm looking to see if anyone would be interested in a game like this if I created it, and if you are (or even if you're not) I'm interested in opinions on how to make a game like this work. And if you know anyone who might be interested, could you pass this link on to them? That's why it's a journal where I don't lock fandom stuff.

Thank you.



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