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So... locationwise, Moffat loves him some


eh? Gamma Forests. Forests of the dead. Forests inside spaceships.

And speaking of repeated tropes...

Jesus wept, poor River Song. Among everything else, we know from the season opener that as a child she was haunted by night terrors, remembering being stalked by a spacesuit that wants to "eat" her.

How does she spend her last day alive? Running from spacesuits that want to eat her. >:|

I am pretty sure Rory is the good man in question, not the Doctor (the Doctor pretty much even says so) and that makes me worried that he is the one River killed. Rory is not allowed to die. THE LAST CENTURION. Godddddddddddddddd.

Dorium is basically a blue Sidney Greenstreet.

Vashta and Jenny; the exploding Cyberships. The final episode is just WALL TO WALL fanservice and fanfic opportunities, isn't it?

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