Apr. 7th, 2012

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Since it has been a million years since I posted here, here is some news, selected more or less at random from my life:

+I saw Childish Gambino with Laura Thursday night. Best moment: people (literally the entire crowd) hear the band playing during the second encore, and, identifying the music as the melody of the last song on the new album, begin to sing the hook. Donald signals the band to stop playing and everyone keeps going; when it hits the time to start the verses, he sings half of the first verse and then stops.

"Okay, that's not what we were going to play, but it's dope that you guys know that."

He also did some freestyling that punned gladdest-->Gladys Knight-->Knight-Ridder.

+My parents, unsolicited, sent me a huge chunk of their tax return that will take a big bite out of my remaining medical bills. I have some mixed feelings about it, but practicality wins the day and I will take it. Have got to cut out some time to go home this summer now, though.

+Have been pretty happy with my production in RP lately. There is something about trying to fill Andrew Hussie's planet-sized shoes that inspires you to push the limits of the medium. Among other things I have worked out a method to convert email chains into fake-threaded OOMs using tables and find-and-replace that will hopefully revolutionize threading by email, if I ever get it written up.

+Six months after the death (and eventual resurrection) of my laptop, I am finally getting all of my music consolidated in one place; I did not managed to get it all off in time, and somehow I wound up with music on my phone mp3 player that wasn't on ANY computer. And I have bought CDs since then, too, that are only on the new box. But I think I have everything in one database again. I think. Now to jam all 15 gigs into one unwieldy, themeless playlist that I will put on shuffle and play forever.

(Yes. I have been informed before now, by more than one person, that this is the wrong way to listen to music.)

-Least favorite roommate, moving out, stole all my remaining toilet paper and left me some kind of biting insects that woke up one day with no meal ticket and just scurried down the hall. Early suspicion was bedbugs, which would be a nightmare, but I am leaning more towards fleas at this stage of the investigations. Either way, blearrurughggh.

On the balance, though, I am feeling pretty blessed. Therefore, stealing a meme I really like the looks of, from [personal profile] silveraspen:

Leave me a comment, and I'll reply with something that I like about you.


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