Jan. 19th, 2012

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Still not using this thing very regularly, even on another sight. Time for another update I guess.

Things are coming along! I am still on disability, because bending and twisting are painful, but otherwise I am out of the collar and feeling a lot better. Easing back on the pain pills and so on. I am not sure I am going to go back to HEB long-term--I have a hitch in my left leg that may make a job that depends on my physical mobility a hazy proposition--but I can figure that out over time.

I saw Shawn last night; he is back to work at his old consulting firm, having decided the path of government service was a little too high-stakes, and will be telecommuting for a while, although they may drag him back to Austin yet. He will need to put together a team of operations people soon, and I am considering that, actually. We have never worked together, professionally, before, though.

Finances are still pretty tight, at 80% payroll, and with a little glitch in extending disability because my doctor was on vacation. Never get hit by a car over the holidays! But things are under control. There is an impound lot that has the remains of my scooter and expects me to pay for them to be released, to which I say, hahahahaha no. The form they sent me lists the color as "burnt," so. >:|

Least favorite roommate is gone, replaced by a buddy of the landlord who is already taken up the title of LFR anew. Not as tidy as the old one, has three cats he takes indifferent care, prone to the worst kind of mansplaining at the drop of a hat. Bleh. Aging hippie landlord had a superdramatic breakup in the living room a couple days, which a) was awkward as fuck and b) means I will be hearing about his antiquated attempts to seduce girls younger than me again. Double bleh. Roommate who is never here remains my favorite.

Discussion of my love life behind this cut )

And that's the news! I am still hoping to get home for a visit while I am off work, but blrgh money. We'll see.


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